As an ISO 9001:2008 The quality policy objective of ENEXD is to provide best quality Product and Services in a highly cost effective manner to our clients, through a well defined work flow and established communication system within the organization by ensuring compliance with codes of practice, standards and regulatory requirements of the operating region. ENEXD has adopted the standards of ISO 9001:2008 for implementation across the group.
Health, Safety and Environment
Conducting business activities in a manner that prevents harm - in any way, shape, or form - to people, environment, and/or machineries is the key policy for Enexd Holdings Limited. This, of course, is facilitated through our HSE Management System using the following processes:

• Measurable objectives to promote and ensure continues improvement towards zero-incidents and pollution prevention.
• Effective  management  and transparent communication  as  well  as extensive training and development programs to ensure protection of environment,  safety
    and health of stakeholders.
• Acknowledgment  by  all  workforce  that  protection  of  health,  safety,  and  environment  is  the  pre-requisite  for  their  employment  and  the  key  factor  for
    contribution and accountability to the safety of all parties involved.
• Integration of  HSE  considerations  into  formulating,   planning,  and  executing   operations   with  full   compliance  to   applicable  legislation,  regulations,  and
    industry procedures and standards.

ENEXD’s Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System validates its dedication for consistent and effective management matters surrounding health, safety, and environment. The system promotes and ensures continuous improvement through effective measurement and evaluation of performance against well-established standards. In the same manner, the system also provides an effective HSE management interface with the clients.